Thinning Hair Fix from Kerastase

The hot topic last year in my chair was hair thinning and hair loss. Hormone changes, medical conditions/medication and diet are common culprits of this dilemma. Enough of the bad news, lets get to the good news because there are things you can do to aid in this common problem!

When your hair is in a fragile state you will want to cut down on heat styling and tightly pulled back styles- switch out your hair ties for scrunchies! Consider getting a silk pillow case or wear your hair in a loose braid while sleeping. Get in the mind set that you need to be gentle in everything you do to your hair, treat it as though it is the finest fabric in your closet.

After changing the way you handle your hair the next crucial step is treating your scalp to create the right foundation for healthier, stronger hair with a product that will help grow your healthiest strands possible:

My ultimate product recommendation comes from Kerastase: Initaliste, a skincare-inspired super serum that acts on the four attributes of total hair beauty:

1. Strength

2. Shine

3. Softness

4. Substance

Inaliste is an advanced scalp and hair serum that strengthens and grows hair fibers by restoring uniformity and smoothness. The lightweight leave in treatment is applied directly to the scalp daily.

fixWithin as little as seven days you will notice stronger, shinier strands that better resist breakage. The formula strengthens your new hair growth while conditioning and adding shine to your hair.

In addition to your quality cleansing, conditioning and styling product regimen adding Initaliste will give you new hope in your thinning hair headache.

Available at Stile Salon


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