Say Hello to Frizz Free Hair with Kerastase Keratine Thermique

Kératine Thermique at Stile Salon San Diego Little Italy

What is your biggest hair gripe? As a hairstylist I have heard it all- time and time again its the fret over frizziness that tops the list of complaints.

I have found the frizz free fix you have been waiting for! Kerastase unveiled its newest collection last month and my pick for standout performance in this family of products is the blowdry aid: Keratine Thermique, Smoothing Taming Milk, Anti-Frizz/Anti-Humidity:

This taming milk is applied to towel dried hair after preping the hair by cleansing and conditioning. Starting with a quarter sized amount, depending on your hair length and density- adding more if necessary, work in thoroughly beginning with mid lengths then ends and sparingly at roots.

The uniqueness of this product’s outstanding performance has won me over at first blowdry. The consistency is a light, creamy texture and intoxifying scent of stargazer lilies. Leaving you with a mirroresque shine for a glazed like finish- you will absolutely love! Truly a showstopping shine! This product fits into the ‘unmanageable hair’ category and works wonders as a smoother on all hair types.

Another gripe I often hear related to frizz is the dilemma of keeping a sleek style just that- warding off the dredded humidity and possible moisture that can creep up and swell up your ‘do. Well here comes Kerastase to the rescue with the Anti-Humidity properties of Keratine Thermique. Not only does this styling creme smooth your hairstyle, it will lock it into place as well!

Its official, we are obsessed with Keratine Thermique!

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