Ombre Haircolor - A Trend No More, Now A Classic Haircolor Statement

Ombre Haircolor with Drew Barrymore

It’s not too often that the stylistas of the world convert a trend to a classic statement. It has been done! OMBRE Haircolor is here to stay.

I credit Drew Barrymore’s stylist; Byron Williams, as one of the talented minds responsible for the OMBRE craze that we were introduced to in 2009.

More recently OMBRE has evolved to SOMBRE. Described as a soft OMBRE – think color melting, soft natural gradation of color moving form dark to light. Being true artists, each Hair Stylist has their own preferred techniques and tools. Often times the french technique of BALAYAGE, color painting, is used to create OMBRE.

Its no surprise to me that OMBRE color is everywhere! With all the variation and customization within the OMBRE family, the style really can suit any gal or guy- From Victoria Secret models to cutting edge business professionals. I can’t forget Jared Letto’s OMBRE that he debuted earlier this year.

Ombre Haircolor with Jarod Leto

Thinking waaay back to the days in the early 2000’s when we were all obsessing over the steamy style on ‘Sex and the City’ I am reminded of those ‘roots’ Carrie Bradshaw rocked. Do you think this was truly our first taste of OMBRE inspiration?

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