How to Get Surfer Girl Hair

How to get surfer girl hair

Wouldn’t you love to get this look? Well, I am here to tell you how to achieve it.

  1. Begin with towel dried hair

  2. Apply Elixir K Ultime from mid length to ends

  3. Flip head up side down and do a light spray of Spray A Porter

  4. Flip head right side up and generously spray the rest of you hair

  5. Slip hair into two sections and braid

  6. Sleep in the braids over night

  7. Comb though your hair lightly with your fingers, then spray more of Spray A Porter

  8. Finish it off with Laque Coture or Powder Buff to give it even more texture!

Kerastase Spray Porter
Kerastase Laquer
Kerastase Powder Buff

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