Looking Good Naked Has Never Been So Easy

Tan Towels at Stile Salon San Diego Look Good Naked

Stile carries Look Good Naked’s Tan Towels! The Tan Towel has been voted as “the best self-tanner for easy application whether you’re a newbie or a pro” from experts and readers alike in The Beauty Choice Awards featured in New Beauty Magazine.

Our sister salon; Studio 486, has trouble keeping these bad boys on the shelf. With all the hype I had to give one a try and would prefer the Tan Towel to visiting the local ITan. No streaks, no mess, less time waiting for the product to dry and the infamous fake tan scent is so minimal, I barely noticed it. Per a recommendation I used two, one the night before a wedding and then another the following morning to deepen my color.

The Tan Towel is perfectly packaged as a single towlette, ideal for travel or storing one in your purse when you’re on the go. It provides a gorgeous glow within four hours, seamless and easy application and the mild citrus scent is pleasant.

The Original Tan Towel - Look Good Naked

For application, we recommend starting with your legs (or wherever you would like to see the most color) and work your way up your body ending on your face. Apply on clean, exfoliated skin, ideally upon getting out of the shower when your body is free of lotion, make-up, or deodorant. Allow for 10 minutes dry time after application before getting dressed. For an enhanced glow, use one at night, rinse the following morning and apply another. To maintain use a tan towel once per week or as needed!

Organic Spray Tans and Tan Towels at Stile Salon San Diego

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