New Year! New You! Self Confidence

Self Confidence New Year New You


  • DRESS SHARP | Clothes don’t give you confidence. However, it does affect the way you feel about yourself. If you look good, you will feel more confident.

  • WORK OUT | Along the lines of personal appearance, is physical fitness. Physical fitness will have a huge impact on your self confidence.

  • STAND UP STRAIGHT | Good posture shows a person to have more confidence. You will make a positive impression on other.

  • LEARN TO BE ASSERTIVE | be your own advocate. (a) Know what you want; (b) believe you have a right to it; and (c) find the courage to express it.

  • LEARN TO SAY NO | Calmly say no. If you are pushed, calmly say no again and again. Continue until you eventually just say no. Stay in control. You will get your point across without getting upset.

  • WHEN COMPLAINING, LAYER YOUR COMPLAINT | Make a statement of how much you enjoy the service or product. Describe your problem, then state how you would like the matter resolved. Stick to your values. If you have specific requests for your family, request them. If you don’t let your children have sweets sleepovers, don’t hesitate to simply state your wishes.

  • HAVE COURAGE TO SUGGEST CHANGE | If a friend always picks what you are doing, have the courage to suggest doing something different.

  • State Your Case | When something bothers you, state your case in a calm tone. Do not use body language such as a sign or eye rolling. These are nonverbal expressions of anger that you want to avoid.

  • COMPLIMENT OTHERS | When compliment others, you will feel better about yourself. Negative thoughts about ourselves are often projected to others in the form of insults. To break negative thinking, be positive, praise others and you will build self-esteem.

  • BE THANKFUL | When focusing on what you can’t have, you will find reasons why you can’t be happy and you will dwell on weaknesses. Avoid this behavior by being thankful for what you have, relationships, successes, etc. You will be amazing at how much more confidence you are when you are grateful for what you have in your life!

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