Kerastase Powder Bluff Dry Texture Shampoo

Leslie My Stylist Powder Bluff

What is your favorite dry shampoo??​ I’ve had many and I’m sure you have too (lol)! I have finally found my muse! Included in the Kerastase Couture Collection: Powder Bluff Texturizing Dry shampoo is best dry shampoo, hands down. Two words: NO RESIDUE.

Seriously. There is absolutely NO whitish powder that accompanies the aerosol spray. So no matter what color hair you are sporting you won’t be spending your precious time trying to descise the dreaded white residue that all my dry shampoo divas out there are all too familiar with.

This bright purple bottle will become your best friend with its amazing performance- it also has anti-frizz, UV, and humidity protection! The scent is a lovely light, soft, floral fragrance.

To break down why Dry shampoo may very well be my favorite hair products of all time and for those of you who have not yet met your dry shampoo match, I’ll explain why you too need some in your life, like yesterday:

Dry shampoo was originally invented as a powder to absorb oil on the scalp, used in hospitals to provide an alternative to traditional hair washing. Modern day dry shampoo is commonly presented in the aerosol form and used to absorb oil at the roots in addition to adding texture and volume while neutralizing any environmental odors.

Leslie My Stylist Stile Salon Kerastase Powder Bluff

I routinely use dry shampoo on my hair on the 2nd, 3rd or even 4th day of a blowout by taking medium size sections at my crown and sides, targeting my roots and midlengths, giving me that tousled sexy look.

I also love using dry shampoo on clients. After finishing a blowdry I like to use a few sprays at the crown providing instant volume and blowout longevity. Dry shampoo is a must when styling updos.

When creating an updo on a client they are first instructed to arrive to the appointment with day or two ‘dirty’ hair. The reason for this is that fresh clean hair lacks the grip to easily hold a set style. Giving the natural oils a chance to distribute gives me a more pliable medium to work with. This idea is enhanced by the use of the Dry Texture Shampoo. I spray all roots and midlengths before beginning my updo creation using teasing/curling/pinning.

How could you not love the idea of a voluminous, textured, blowout that lasts for days?!

Let me help you with that! Score your new product obsession here at Stile Salon, we have it stocked just for you. xo, LesliemyStylist

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